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Not much about Poker

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Live hold'em refreshener
  Big_Rob_isback, Dec 30 2016

So I go play at a casino 1/3 and 3/5. I get the itch to play in the winter, the last few years i make a decent five grand per winter maybe. Anyway, I started playing this past week and I am super rusty on a few concepts and I think I always have been.

Low pocket pairs in live low stakes. I am talking 66-22. They just dont seem profitable opening at a loose table, or even over-limping in middle position. I feel open raising 22-66 has been lighting money on fire against loose callers only 100bb deep. I am thinking about folding these more pf, and only playing them in the cutoff if folded to. I feel it is much better to actually call a raise with these hands in late position than open with them in middle position.

Secondly, I feel I complete the sb too often when the pot is limped. Is Q9o ok? How about J7s? J8s?

I also fold AJo utg and utg+1 and AQo utg is a raise I guess? My utg range is 99+ and KQs+ so pretty tight.

I make a lot of 3 bet bluffs and take down pots when checked to in position. I make some big overbets to get folds,

I think I do a lot of things right postflop, but std preflop is bugging the hell out of me, I never played full ring online so ya.

Also, a selfish sidenote. Coming from the perspective of somebody who never wants to play online poker again, I hope it stays illegal. There will never be good young players without online poker, so live poker will be soft as hell. Idk, that just seems logical to me. I dont see full legalization ever recreating a second boom with whales to go around online and live.

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live poker 8 handed
  Big_Rob_isback, Jan 09 2016

Poll: Do you want 8 handed to be the new normal?
(Vote): Yes
(Vote): No
(Vote): Doesn't matter, won't ever happen

Do you guys support a permanent change to 8 handed tables from 9 handed tables? More room to sit, and looser action. I just hate 9 handed play, and I think 8 handed is such a step up, while still being seen as "full ring" and not short-handed. I wish all casinos and tournaments made this change. What do you think?

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Peruvian Viagra
  Big_Rob_isback, May 05 2014

Hey guys,

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Don't mess around with "high quality" or something that says "gelatinized" as these "purifying" processes usually mess with the product more than help it. The bottle says 500mg twice daily, but every forum I read and through personal testing I have found around 3500mg or 3.5g per day (7 pills) to be the sweet spot for most people, and you can split dose this preferably. Its also dirt cheap anyway.

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